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Domestic Relations - Family Law


The Law Office of Craig Small has extensive experience in all aspects of Colorado domestic relations law; more commonly known as family law. Please contact Mr. Small’s office to setup your free consultation to understand your family law rights and what options are available to you. The Law Office of Craig Small can help you with any or all of the following:


Divorce: Divorce or “dissolution of marriage” as it is known in Colorado, is a term used to describe the legal termination of two parties' lawful marriage. Besides dissolving a marriage, the court will divide property, make orders regarding child custody and visitation, and determine child and spousal support. Colorado is a no fault state, which means that either party may obtain a divorce solely on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.


Legal Separation: Another type of action, separate from dissolution, is a legal separation. A legal separation greatly resembles an action for divorce except that the parties are not free to remarry.


Child Custody: Child Custody is one of the most difficult issues of any family law proceeding. Determining the child's best interests makes it difficult for both parties to come to a consensus. Learn how the Law Office of Craig Small can help you through your child custody matters.


GrandParent Rights: Although parents' rights supersede grandparents' rights, grandparents can win custody over their grandchild. If you are thinking about grandparent custody the Law Office of Craig Small can go through some of the requirements and obligations that must be met with you.

Pension Division: In a divorce or legal separation case, some people will need to keep their pensions, while others need to receive their fair share of the other's pension or retirement benefits. The Law Office of Craig Small will make sure that you are informed about the pension division process.


Property Division: Property division can become complicated very early in the divorce process, especially when parties do not agree about debts, value, or division. In most cases, you will need a property division attorney to help with identification, characterization, disposition, and valuation of property.


Nuptial Agreements: Sometimes, you want to protect the valuable assets and income that you bring into marriage. In order to draft an agreement, make sure you are well informed about the processes, requirements and qualifications from an expert in family law and practice.


Child Support: When paying or receiving child support, it is important to retain an attorney knowledgeable in family law that will make sure payments are fair. Many people have been taken advantage of because they were not well represented. The Law Office of Craig Small does not want you to be in that situation.


Spousal Support: When filing for a divorce or legal separation, a common issue that arises is spousal support. To stop the other party from taking advantage of you, it is recommended that you get a family law attorney that will protect you and explain the different requirements of spousal support.


Restraining Orders: If you are a victim of abuse, or feel that your safety is in jeopardy, a restraining order will help protect you. The Law Office of Craig Small can help you with restraining order cases, whether you are defending against a restraining order or filing for one.



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